Meditation CD’s and MP3’s

Visualizations for Meditation

by Charles MacInerney

Charles is proud to be able to offer this CD, based upon 15 years of experience, leading visualization workshops around the world. A special thanks to fellow Yoga teacher Sally Clark for her encouragement and assistance in producing this CD.

1. The Beach (10:55) Deep relaxation, breathing and healing visualization.
2. The Meditation Garden (5:00) Guide to deep meditation.
3. The Blue Light Meditation (4:45) Calming and healing visualization.
4. Alpine Meadow (7:16) Deep relaxation and centering.
5. Inner Child Meditation (7:49) Emotional healing and self-knowledge.
6. Sun Meditation (7:10) Physical healing visualization.
7. Glacial Lake (4:53) Stilling the mind for meditation.
8. Tibetan Mirror (8:27) Integrating all phases of life.

Suggestions: It is best to listen to just one track and then sit quietly for a few minutes or longer with the visualization, rather than listening to the whole cd at one sitting. Do not try to see imagery, instead, relax and simply notice what images (if any), sounds, or feelings come to you. Visualization is a learned skill and improves with practice.

Listen to samples of each track or Purchase this CD at

Shavasana: The Art of Relaxation

by Charles MacInerney

These 2 tracks were originally sold as a cassette tape in the 90’s. When the final batch of cassettes sold out, there were so many requests, that Charles remastered them in a digital format and they are now available through to download in mp3 format only.

Track 01 (25 MB) Ocean sound effects with progressive relaxation and breathing instructions (18 minutes)

Track 02 (30 MB) Tibetan Chakra Meditation and closing AUM (22 minutes)