hatha yoga in Austin Texas
Meditation Classes in Austin Texas,
Meditation Retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica

and On-line Instruction with Charles MacInerney

hatha yoga in Austin Texas

Meditation classes, workshops and Retreats in Austin, Texas, Mexico and Costa Rica are offered by Charles MacInerney. Please see menu for details of upcoming events with Charles MacInerney.

On-line instructions for meditation, including classic styles like 'detached observation', 'walking meditation' and 'mantric meditation' as well as contemporary practices like 'writing meditation', 'eating meditation', and 'perfected self' meditation are available on the menu to the right.

Charles MacInerney has studied and practiced a wide variety of meditation techniques since 1971 with many teachers, including Thich Nhat Hanh.

Below is a meditation timer that you are welcome to use in your practice.


Charles teaches Meditation at his 3 & 8 day retreats, his monthly free outdoor Full Moon classes, and works privately with students and small groups. In addition, he also teaches meditation to aspiring yoga teachers through two certified yoga teacher training programs and to organizations including 3M, IBM, Apple, the National Wellness Conference, UT Women's volleyball and golf teams, Heart of Business Conference, and a host of other settings.

Charles draws from over 25 different styles of meditation including 3 varieties of eating meditations, walking meditation, detached observation, Vipassana, breath awareness, mantra, pranayama, bio-feedback, somatic meditation, the perfected master, and many others. Each class features a different meditation so that students are rapidly exposed to multiple styles from which they are encouraged to pick the one that works best for them.

hatha yoga in Austin Texas

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