Retreats with Charles MacInerney

In 1991 Charles led his first weekend Yoga retreat. Although his students loved the weekend, Charles immediately saw where it could be improved. He soon learned the importance of finding the right retreat facilities and the right chef. By 1998 Charles was leading 8-10 retreats a year, in primarily in Texas, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Guatemala. Having led almost 200 retreats, at dozens of retreat centers around the world, Charles has become an expert and often consults with other teachers.

The retreat setting is Charles’ favorite teaching venue. It allows for a deeper immersion in the material than is possible when students are driving home after class to check emails and cook dinner. When Charles is leading retreats, it is obvious to students that he is in his comfort zone. Even when things go wrong (which happens occasionally, especially in Latin America),  he has learned how to adjust on the fly, often turning the unexpected into the memorable and occasionally the magical.

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Calendar of Yoga Retreats
 Texas Yoga Retreat in Austin, Texas
Yoga & Meditation Retreats 3-day weekend in Texas
Yoga & Writing Retreats 4-day weekend in Texas and Massachusetts
International Retreats 8-day (Sat-Sat) in Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica