OmBoy3coloredThe Texas Yoga Retreat

Building a caring, diverse and empowered yoga community

October 20-22, 2017
Ancient Yoga Center
Austin, Texas

texasyogaposterThere is something for everyone at the Texas Yoga Retreat Weekend! The retreat features teachers from across Texas who represent many distinct styles of Yoga. Some classes are gentle and restorative; others are rigorous and will push you to your edges, and some are that delicate balance between.

Classes are suitable for all levels. Join us in celebrating the rich diversity of yoga in our state as we lay the foundations for creating a strong and vibrant yoga community throughout Texas and across the globe.

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  • Everything about the Texas Yoga Retreat, from the mindful ways the organizers created for us to be, eat, walk, learn, to the opportunities they gave to lesser known teachers, to the community of kindness they established by their example, was a testament to the true power of yoga... Absolutely the best yoga conference I have ever been to.  ~ Molly Lannon Kenny, founder and director of The Samarya Center for Integrated Movement Therapy 
  • The retreat was fabulous!  I learned a lot of new moves as well at relaxation techniques and breathing.  The retreat revitalized and motivated me to not only be a better instructor, but a better person. It was very beneficial! Debbie Rosenberg, Austin, Texas
  • The Texas Yoga Retreat is definitely one of the best in the country. It's large enough to offer a wide diversity of yoga styles and philosophies yet small enough to visit with the presenters as well as make many new, good friends. I recommend it enthusiastically and without reservation. ~ Victor M. Parachin, author & teacher
  • Texas yoga retreat provided a sense of community with fellow yogis as well as experiencing a wealth of information. The sheer amount of quality classes offered provided a great opportunity to take in so much at one place. Wonderful. Beth Irvine
  • I can see some welcome changes in myself after the retreat.  It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Thanks for planning such a well carried out event. ~ Jeannie Dykes, Longview, Texas
  • Attending the Texas Yoga Retreat was such a joy. The classes were exciting and energizing. Being in the peaceful environment... heightened the whole experience. A big Thank You to all those involved in the vision of bringing teachers and students together in this high vibration environment to share Texas Yoga! ~ Guru Ravi Kaur

Overview of the Retreat

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