Yoga Teacher Training



Charles MacInerney in collaboration with his partner, Ellen Smith, offer Hatha Yoga teacher training and Yoga Certification in Austin, Texas. Our yoga certification program, called the Living Yoga Program, is approved by the Yoga Alliance registry, and the Yoga Register. Graduates receive their yoga teacher certification at the 200 hour yoga teacher training level.

If you want to become a yoga teacher and you are looking for yoga instructor training and/or yoga certification, we hope that you will consider The Living Yoga Program’s residential yoga teacher training.


  • The LYP is as much of a personal growth seminar as it is ayoga teacher training. I am forever changed by this 9-day experience. ~ G.D., wife & mother / Fort Hood, Tx
  • I learned to love myself, and love others, in a pure, and uninhibited way. It Will change your life! ~ Lauren E.
  • LYP is truly committed to preparing students to follow their passion in Yoga in whatever path they choose to follow. The formation is focused on helping students move from student to teacher authentically rather than following one scripted path. Independence is respected, expected and protected! ~ Terri Boggess, San Antonio, Tx, University Professor.  
  • I knew the program would benefit me – it did; I hoped it would inspire me – it did; but I had no way to imagine what a game-changer in my life was coming for body, mind, and spirit. ~ H. Bloom, Austin TX    
  • When I think of the work Ellen and Charles do together, I always get a sense of a yin yang -- there is a beautiful balance that happens with their two styles and methods. I can see why their teaching has such a notable appeal and impact on such a broad range of people.  ~ Havilah Tower, Austin TX      
  • As a teacher, I brought with me classroom experience that the LYP instructors helped me to fine tune and focus for the teaching of yoga. I found encouragement and expert guidance. ~ JWP, Professor, Tulsa OK      

lyp1The ten day intensives are held at the Radha Madhav Dham Ashram in the beautiful hill country just Southwest of Austin, Texas. This magical setting plays a large part in the success of our yoga instructor training. Participants are immersed in the yogic lifestyle, amidst the beauty and seclusion of one of the nicest residential retreat centers in America. We are proud to have LYP graduates teaching Yoga in 42 States and 14 countries.

For more information about pursuing your yoga certification with the Living Yoga Teacher Training Program, please visit our site at: