Full Moon Yoga

fullmoonyoga1Charles MacInerney leads a free, outdoor Full Moon Yoga and Meditation Class at a scenic overlook each month. We do some gentle Hatha Yoga, a 20 minute meditation, watch the sunset and the full moonrise, and then visit with one another and enjoy the scenery. This tradition is now in its 20’th year!

These classes are free and are open to anyone, regardless of age or experience. Children and even well behaved pets are welcome. Please bring a blanket, or something to sit on. Class meets at: 4400 Ridge Oak Dr, Austin, TX  78731.

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Schedule of Classes


Schedule for 2017

April 10 – Monday, 7 pm (day before full moon)
May 10 – Wednesday, 7:15 pm
June 9 – Friday, 7:30 pm
July 8 – Saturday, 7:30 pm
August 7 – Monday, 7:30 pm
September 6 – Wednesday, 6:45 pm
October 6 – Friday, 6:15 pm (day after full moon)

Classes meet regardless of weather for those adventurous enough to show up.

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