Meditation with Charles MacInerney

Charles offers meditation workshops at yoga studios through out Texas, leads Yoga & Meditation retreats, offers private instruction, a Meditation CD, and free online instruction.

Meditation Retreats are offered several times a year in Texas, and occasionally abroad.

Private or small group instruction in Meditation with Charles MacInerney

Free Online instructions for a variety of different styles of Meditation

Meditation CD with Charles MacInerney

Meditation Timer with chime or music alarm

If you are looking for ongoing Meditation Instruction in NW Austin area, I recommend the Meditation Bar. Conveniently located at 8108 Mesa Dr., good parking, wonderful space.

In the spirit of the new year, Meditation Bar has a specific offering for you to attend any regular group class FREE for you and a buddy by using promo code “charles2017”. Here is a bit more information on their studio. Enjoy!

The connotations of meeting at a neighborhood bar have been converted to redefine a gathering place that offers something that is considered a commodity in our society…peace and quiet. This bar is serving meditation, because the benefits of learning how to clear your mind can change your life. Meditation Bar provides classes that are consistent in quality, independent in belief and serious about helping people exercise their minds.