19th Annual
Austin Free Day of Yoga
Monday, September 4, 2017


Once a year, on Labor Day, yoga teachers and studios throughout Austin, open their doors to the public and offer free yoga classes. This is done as a service, a small token of our gratitude for the continued support that we enjoy from the greater Austin yoga community. It is also an opportunity to raise public awareness of the rich diversity of excellent instruction available in Austin, and to introduce new students to Yoga.

Charles started this even in 1998 with the support of the Southwest Yoga Conference, Sharon Moon, and Donna Belk. Over the years it has evolved and is now offered in numerous cities in Texas and throughout the USA (including Dallas, Houston & Los Angeles).

Charles will be teaching a special workshop on Labor day,

7-9 pm on Monday
September 4th, 2017
Cafe Dance Studio 

Exploring the Bandhas in Asana Practice

In Sanskrit, Bandha means arrest, lock, or tighten. The 4 Bandhas involve isolating and tightening different areas of the body. I was introduced to the Bandhas by my first yoga teacher when I was 11. Back then (1970’s) they were taught as stand-alone practices and practiced vigorously. More recently I discovered that the Bandhas can be engaged more delicately as a meditation target, engaged lightly to improve posture, engaged moderately to support most asana poses like chair, triangle, and downward facing dog, engaged strongly to protect the spine from injury in strong back bends, and engaged and released rhythmically to increase circulation in the pelvic floor. Women have long been informed of the importance of exercising the pelvic floor, but men can also benefit from this, especially in the health of the prostate gland. Note, Bandhas should not be practiced while pregnant.

Cafe Dance Studio
3307-B, Hancock Dr.,
Austin, TX 78731

Visit www.freedayofyoga.com for a complete listing of all of the classes being offered in Austin.

Cafe Dance